• Product overview
  • SME / SMT System waste bins
  • One trip containers ABV
  • Lift and tip device / tipping equipment
  • GMT sweeping barrow
  • Waste paper bin 50l
  • Recyclable materials collection systems
  • Presorting container 7 - 50l
  • Collection boxes

The SSI SCHAEFER system waste bins and containers are manufactured in conformity to DIN 6628 or DIN 6629 and have been used in many communities and industrial firms for decades.

  • User-friendly, robust and with high load capacity
  • High quality HDPE material
  • UV-stable
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Single-use containers for the disposal of infectious waste, body parts and organ waste in medical establishments.

  • Liquid-proof closure
  • Ergonomically shaped handles
  • Can be stacked inside and on top of one another to save space
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The "Schuettomat" tipping equipment is a practical tool for emptying the large waste bin and the large waste container into a larger container. The waste can be collected separately at different collection points around the site, emptied into a larger intermediate container via the tipping equipment and prior to transport off site.

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A practical tool for keeping paths, squares and communal gardens clean. The retaining bracket means that equipment such as shovels and brooms are also mobile. Fastened to the waste container they are
to hand and ready for immediate use.

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The perfect waste collection container that has been tried and tested in waste management.

  • For larger collection volumes
  • Especially in car parks and on motorways
  • Positioned securely on the ground
    using a base plate and upright post
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The litter bin is a constant companion in many communities and is a permanent fixture of the urban landscape.

  • Conforms to DIN 30 712
  • Made from plastic
  • Made from high quality, UV-stabilised, low pressure polyethylene
  • With attachment bracket
  • Easy to clean, smooth surface
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Manufactured from dip galvanised quality sheet metal. Then powder-coated for long-lasting surface protection. With inner insert made from galvanised sheet metal.

  • Can be used in industry, trade and
    at sites with a large volume of public footfall
  • Easy to empty
  • Container can be removed towards the
    front or at the top
  • Oil and liquid-proof, not flammable
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Presorting container

The presorting container is also a practical tool in the household. For example, biodegradable waste can be collected and accurately sorted in the course of normal housework.

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The practical plastic collection basket does more than just make daily household chores easier.

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A summary of all the information on our special containers can be found in this PDF:

Special containers from SSI SCHAEFER

File size: 4 MB

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Information and Consulting

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