Automatic palletisation can be used either with bent-arm robots or portal robots, SSI SCHAEFER offers a complex total solution for creating the outgoing goods pallet or the roller container at the end of order picking.

Profit from  perfectly orchestrated components. From load carriers to conveyor technology through to fully automated warehouses, SSI SCHAEFER offers intralogistics all from one source.

Palletised and secured in one step

The total solution contains the packing software for calculating the pallet being created, the palletisation robots and the integrated load securing equipment that for pallets consists of a stretch winder and a horizontal strapping device for the roller containers. In this process the packed pallets and roller containers do not need to be moved, meaning that the risk of the packages falling off or slipping before the load is secured can be virtually excluded.

The packing software is designed primarily to achieve stability of the pallet being loaded but also the optimum fill level. To be able to implement the software requirements using robots in practice, the robot and gripper with its degrees of freedom are designed so that the packed units can be packed from all four sides from the middle of the pallet outwards.

The packed items are transferred without stopping from a special transfer position that also has a tip function to pick up products that have fallen over.

This transfer in the movement and exact positioning at the target position and precise setdown via the rapid retraction of the gripper prong against a retaining bar permit packing rates of over 800 packed units per hour.

The advantages

  • Packed units can be deposited from all four sides of the pallet.
  • It is also possible to virtually prevent any packed units falling down or slipping.
  • The transfer of the packed units is carried out without stopping from a special transfer point.
  • Integrated tip function at the transfer position to reposition products that have fallen over.
  • It has pack rates of over 800 transport units per hour.
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