Every company has specific requirements for logistics.  Successful planning therefore requires a sound analysis of the current situation. The wide-ranging expertise and experience from SSI SCHAEFER makes us the preferred contact for all intralogistics projects and processes.

  • Planning environment
  • Inward goods structures
  • Order structures
  • ABC analyses
  • Inventory analysis
  • Consistent sales
  • Production range
  • Tour planning
logistics planning

The aim of every investment in innovations in logistics is to secure this investment and increase return on investment. For this reason, we start with sound consulting services providing a methodical analysis of the company's individual situation.

Using modern analysis tools we identify logistical weak points, define potential savings and simulate suitable process changes. From a global material flow to the order picking process, we carry out planning work step by step and in consultation with you to create intelligent and efficient logistics solutions.

As early as the planning phase, the alternative approaches in terms of opportunities and risks are evaluated and various finance options are compared.

We integrate technical and sales experts into this process to secure that your solution is consistently future-proof. In this process, SSI SCHAEFER also offers wide-ranging expertise when it comes to energy efficiency.

>> Here you can find more information on energy efficiency

Business Consultancy Group
Business Consultancy Group - Nachhaltige Logistikplanung. Eine Dienstleistung des SSI Schäfer Expertenteams

Effective Logistics Planning –
a Service Provided by SSI Schaefer Experts

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