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Efficiency in any respect: We offer our customers a thoroughly optimised storage and retrieval device: the Exyz. Off from the production of single, individually tailored machines to individual combination of standardised machine components. Different, serial-produced basic elements - from single or double-mast devices with one or two load handling devices for a single-, double- or multi-deep storage and retrieval or an Orbiter-version - create an comprehensive pool for customer-specific mounted end devices. Designed as a modular system, the devices can be exactly tailored in shortest time to the individual requirements of the user from eight to 45 meters height. With innovative design features Exyz offers a multitude of efficiency advantages, high flexibility and more storage capacity.

The name “Exyz” is actually the exact name of all that with which the new storage and retrieval machine scores. “E” for efficiency in energy consumption and performance - and that in all three dimensional axes “X”, “Y” and “Z” on which storage and retrieval machines work: travel, hoist as well as storage and retrieval movements. The compact construction leads to an especially high customer use: Attractive price, reduced delivery and implementation time as well as high reliability due to approved components

storing a pallet in the high bay warehouse

SSI Schaefer achieves an island position attribute with the innovative mast design. On-board counter-weights for the hoist truck can be mounted inside the mast, which balances up to two thirds of the dead weight of the hoist truck and increases the capacity while the necessary energy input decreases. Compared to conventional devices customers achieve only at lifting an energy saving of up to 25 per cent and significant reductions of operating costs. Furthermore the energy efficiency is no longer an equipment option. Efficient energy recovery devices are already standard at the Exyz.

The main advantages at a glance:

Efficient modular design …

  • highest reliability by use of proved components and high quality series manufacturing
  • highest flexibility because configurable individually to specific customer needs
  • shortest delivery and implementation schedules because of intensive pre-assembly and testing in our plant

Efficient use of energy …

  • Green Logistics on highest level included in SSI standard

Efficient geometries …

  • more usable storage volume via extremely compact design
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Information and Consulting

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