Packaging protects intermediate and finished products on their way from the manufacturer to the consumer. It can be used for a wide variety of applications, industries and products. In many cases a single packaging unit is not enough. Products often require special protection or customised packaging.

Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER:

Bespoke packaging

Bespoke packaging consists of two parts: a container in Euro dimensions and an individual customised insert. Each container is fitted with an insert in order to achieve optimum transport and storage conditions. This insert is customised to match the contours of the packaged goods. As a result, items are protected against possible damage.

Inserts come in a choice of vacuum-formed, foam or fabricated inserts.

We will gladly advise you regarding available options and create layouts, drawings or samples. We will then develop a precise packaging insert in close cooperation with our insert manufacturer.

Fabricated inserts

The precise container is manufactured as one piece in just one production stage using a plastic moulding process. The key feature: the container and inlay form one complete unit. The determining element is the centering unit adapted to the precise contours of the customer's specific product – no separate inserts are required.

Mirror-welded containers

Various products require special sizes of insert due to their shape and dimensions. Mirror-welded containers offer the ideal solution. Sections are removed from the basic container according to the special size you require, whether larger or smaller. Alternatively several containers can be joined together, using heated plate welding (or mirror welding) to form a new container.

Advantages of our packaging solutions:

  • Products protected from external effects during transport and storage
  • Production of commercially available and transportable inserts
  • Reduced waste thanks to returnable packaging
  • Reduced costs for disposable packaging
  • Automated handling possible 
  • Sturdy, stackable and durable
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