Do you need to store documents, clothing, small parts, spare parts, tyres, tools or other light to moderate compartment loads? Mobile racking systems for light and moderate compartment loads from SSI SCHAEFER not only optimise the space already used for storage; they actually create additional free space in the process. Maximum quality, options for modular expansion and various combinations, allowing a significant degree of flexibility, are the key features of our light load mobile racking solutions.

Simple solution for maximum efficiency

Generally, all SSI SCHAEFER racking and cabinet systems can be mounted on mobile bases. The principle: the bases are moved together using a crank or a single motor, meaning that just one single service aisle is required for easy access to all stored goods. The large number of racking aisles saved this way will lower your costs significantly, because this solution reduces the floor area required for the office, the workshop or the warehouse, thus avoiding expensive plant extensions and optimising your internal processes greatly by shortening travel times.

  • Applications for light load mobile racking systems


Our mobile racking systems for light and moderate compartment loads are available in 3 versions depending on the requirements and the stored goods:

  • Crank drive for a rail-bound system: As the rails are secured in the ground, this model is also suitable for high and narrow constructions.

  • Crank drive for a track-free system: As the existing floor does not need to be changed when installing this system, the track-free solution can be easily built on virtually any existing surface and is also ideally suited for special floors or for heated floors.

  • Electric drive unit: This light load mobile racking system model is primarily used with high compartment loads. Safety devices guarantee hazard-free working in line with the relevant guidelines and regulations relating to workplace safety. The design and function of this modern solution facilitates stress-free, user-friendly working.

  • Electric drive unit and RFID technology: Here we combine the versatility of mobile shelving systems with the advantages of modern RFID technology. The result is a shelving system suitable for offices, workshops and archives, safe and easy to use.
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