Warehousing and order picking are constantly challenged by the extensive variety of products available. Anywhere in your company where the extremely high load values of a pallet racking system are not required, the long-span shelving systems from
SSI SCHAEFER will easily meet your individual requirements for optimised warehouse technology. Long-span shelving are especially suitable for the hand loaded storage of bulky items.

Long-Span Shelving
WR 600 ­ - the ultimate longspan racking system

Thanks to its versatility, our WR 600 longspan racking system with 50:50 mm perforation is a great fit for all tasks regarding stored goods, storage location and warehousing:

  • The frame design features different upright profiles in 3 heights and 4 depths.
  • The 3 beam types are available in 4 lengths and different heights.
  • Standardised construction elements permit multi-tier designs.

The racking units in your warehouse can be constructed freely using the WR 600; even racking platforms can are possible.

Information and Consulting
Information and Consulting

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